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Mission & Vision Statement

St. Vincents Healthcare Group will maintain and continue to develop a broad spectrum of medical services. The mission of the Healthcare Group is to provide the highest quality of medical care to patients from its designated catchment area and to patients who have been referred from outside this area. The Healthcare Groups mission of care is built around the philosophy and code of ethics of the Religious Sisters of Charity.The primary function of St Vincents Healthcare Group is the delivery of clinical care, which is supported and enhanced through its teaching and research activities.

Mission Statement

We strive for excellence in meeting the holistic needs of our patients in a caring and healing environment in which the essential contribution of each member of staff is valued. The values of human dignity, compassion, justice, quality and advocacy, rooted in the mission and philosophy of the Religious Sisters of Charity, guide us in our work. We will, within the foregoing context, make every effort to maintain excellence in clinical care, teaching and research.

Vision Statement

The Healthcare Group will strive to provide the highest quality of medical care to its patients in the most effective and efficient manner possible having regard to the economic, social factors and policies prevailing at the time. In striving to achieve the above St Vincents Healthcare Group will have regard to its patients and families needs, beliefs and wishes. Will strive to create, for both staff and patients, an environment, which is both healthy and safe. Will strive to cultivate an environment that will ensure the hospitals level and quality of teaching is of the highest calibre at undergraduate and post-graduate level.

Incorporating a major teaching and clinical based institution will continue to develop its interests in research and development in all aspects of medical and preventive care. Will develop its service based on patient needs having regard to the profile of its catchment population and designated national and regional specialities.

Will develop its links with the community and voluntary based organisations in its region in the interest of patient care and develop an integrated system of healthcare within its catchment area of south-east Dublin and east Wicklow. This includes, St. Columcilles Hospital Loughlinstown, St. Lukes Hospital, the City of Dublin Skin and Cancer Hospital Hume Street, the National Maternity Hospital Holles Street, the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital. Will develop its service in line with resources having regard to its agreed priorities. The Board of Directors, in discussion with relevant bodies, will review its priorities and patient needs on a regular basis and make the appropriate adjustments to its development plan when required.

St. Vincents Healthcare Group is a health promoting organisation and the focus on health promotion key in our delivery of care is evident. In the hospitals, which will be capable of providing the required range of services to the community, it is the intention that the design should be on the basis of an integrated complex and should express and encourage the highest possible professional standards covering the fields of prevention, health education, diagnostic and curative service and rehabilitation services where these are required.