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Standing Orders Of The Board Of Directors


1. St. Vincentís Healthcare Group Ltd currently comprises:

  1. St. Vincentís University Hospital
  2. St. Vincentís Private Hospital
  3. St. Michaelís Hospital
  • The company is a limited company by shareholders and has charitable status (charity ref. No. CHY 14187)
  • St. Vincentís Healthcare Group Ltd was incorporated as a company wholly owned by the Sisters of Charity on 8th February 2001.
  • St. Michaelís Hospital became part of the company with effect from 1st January 2002
  • St. Vincentís Private Hospital Ltd became part of the group with effect from 1st January 2003
  • Pianora Ltd is a subsidiary of St. Vincentís Healthcare Group Ltd. It was formed to construct and fund the multi-storey car park.

2. The objects for which the Company is established are set out in the Memorandum & Articles of Association, the main objects being:

  • to provide medical, surgical, nursing service and accommodation at St. Vincentís University Hospital (Dublin), St. Michaelís Hospital (Dun Laoghaire), St. Vincentís Private Hospital (Dublin) and/or at other healthcare facilities (together, the "Facilities") for the treatment of sick persons and for the relief, cure, rehabilitation and prevention of sickness and disability both physical and mental through the continuance and furtherance of the ethos, aims and purposes of the Congregation of the Religious Sisters of Charity;
  • to conduct and maintain the Facilities in accordance with the Health Care Philosophy and Ethical Code of the Religious Sisters of Charity;
  • to provide a pastoral care service for the spiritual welfare and support of patients, relatives and staff; and
  • to promote opportunities for education and research

3. Regulatory Framework

The Regulatory Framework under which the company operates is as follows:

  • The Companies Acts 1963 to 2005 and subsequent amendments.
  • The Health (Amendment) Act 1996 (Accountability Legislation) and the Health (Amendment) Act 2005.

Other relevant legislation includes:

  • Health & Safety legislation
  • Taxation & Finance Acts
  • HR legislation
  • Data Protection Act, (Freedom Of Information), Public Procurement etc.